The Red Wings Oscars

With the Oscars behind us, the Detroit Red Wings are holding their own awards behind closed doors tonight. Thankfully, I have a man on the inside (Osgood, obviously) who slipped me the results of the awards.

Best Picture – Darren Helm: The Return Darren Helm’s play is the best feel good story of the season, hands down; and it has been a joy to watch. Since his one and only 82 game season (2010-2011) Helm has only played in 111 games in 3 seasons leading up to the current campaign. In only 57 games this season, Helm has already eclipsed his career high in goals (13), is only 4 assists away from matching his career high (20), and 3 points away from his career high (32). Helm has battled his way onto Datsyuk’s wing on the top line in Detroit in what can only be described as a fantastic underdog story. Helm’s speed makes up for his stature, and all Red Wings fans are ecstatic with his play. He’s also gorgeous.

Best Supporting Actor The best kinds of supporting actors feed the main characters so they can come to life. Supporting actors do their best to play their character without overshadowing the characters that fans should be focused on. This season, Thomas Tatar is making his transition from supporting actor to main actor. While he isn’t a super star name like Zetterberg or Datsyuk, Tatar had lead the Wings with 24 goals (tied for 11th in the league with EVGENI FREAKIN MALKIN) and done his part when called upon, which may not be as much as you think. Mike Babcock has slid Tatar into the top spot on the left side for most of the season once the Datsyuk line started to produce, and Tatar has been a major part of that line. He’s second on the team in shooting percentage (16.80), however, he also has the least amount of average ice time out of anyone in the top 20 in goals in the league, which shows that he’s making the most of his opportunities. Once you move away from being a supporting actor, it’s tough to go back. Tatar is on his way up.

Best Actor El Capitan has been nothing short of solid this season. Zetterberg leads the team in assists (34) and points (49) and has been a wonderful mentor to the Goose while anchoring the second line (maybe it should be called 1b). He is the superstar that the Wings need, and he has stepped up and delivered.

Best Costume Design No contest. Peter Mrazek has been absolutely stellar in net for the Wings this season and he rewarded himself with some slick looking pads and he takes this award by a landslide.

Granted, the picture he posted right before the pads wasn’t so bad either.

I’m Osgood’s Bucket; keep your stick on the ice.


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