Mini Scouting Report: Teemu Pulkkinen (Feb 18 @ Chicago)

– His strength may be an issue. Seems overmatched when he’s engaged in the physical part of the game. Hard to fault him at 5’10”, 194 lbs.
– Very quick movements. Acceleration and speed will be one of his biggest assets.
– Pulky (is that a nickname that will stick?) was directing traffic while on a line with Zetterberg and Abdelkader, so you can’t say confidence is an issue for the 23 year old.
– The kid saw some power play time, which almost seems like a no brainer considering he already has 30 goals in the AHL. Still great to see him on the league’s top ranked power play with only 6 games of NHL experience.
– While his ice time in the first may seem small at 4:28, the Wings were short handed twice, and Pulkkinen played as much as Tatar did.
– Pulkkinen takes an unfortunate hooking penalty as he was trying to lift Richards’ stick. Wouldn’t call it undisciplined, but I wouldn’t call it good.
– I noticed a couple different times that Pulkkinen’s stick wasn’t in a good enough position to make a play. More than once his stick was floating right above the ice when a pass would fly by him. Just a small thing.
– He’s not strong enough on his stick when he’s got the puck either.
– His shots weren’t grade A scoring chances, but they were shots none the less. If his idea was to toss some low shots into Crawford’s pads in hopes of a rebound, then this seems smart. However, on a couple of occasions, there was no one in front.
– The kid has a surprisingly hard slap shot.
– Darren Helm is gorgeous.
– He only had more ice time than Weiss, Glendening, Miller and Andersson who comprised of the 4th line all night. This can basically be attributed to Babcock protecting Pulky in his first game up in a while. He didn’t make any glaring mistakes to drop his ice time. To be fair, his 15:41 is nothing to shake a stick at.

Overall, not a bad game by Pulky (let’s make this nickname happen). He wasn’t too out of place in a big game like this, and he clearly has NHL caliber speed. What he’ll need to work on is his strength or his elusiveness. Short players have a place in today’s NHL, so Pulky juts needs to find how to use his lack of NHL size to his advantage. His shots weren’t great, but he does have a cannon for his size. Give him time to adjust.


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