Game Analysis: Oct 21 @ Montreal

What a dominant game by the Wings. Glad to see Dats back too.



The Wings drew EVERYONE over to the left side of the ice having 4 people over there, and the Habs completely left Zetterberg unchecked. Had lots of room to make the play, just didn’t pull the trigger fast enough.


Great give and go by Abdelkader and Kindl on the boards. The Habs defender didn’t expect Kindl to pinch so much, which gave him lots of room to go to the net. Note that Helm is in front of the net again


What a beautiful behind-the-back pass by Sheahan on the power play. The kid knows what he’s doing.


Check out the Habs trying to defend against the Wings’ power play entry. Previously, the Wings would have F1 go in and drop pass to someone standing still along the boards. The Wings played this perfectly and Datsyuk (in his infinite wisdom) decides to pass to the open man. The Wings reacted well to this strategy.


A little bit of a splice job here, but Dekeyser set this goal up perfectly with a beautiful stretch pass to Zetterberg. Z then makes the move in and Abby gets the rebound. Nice vision by DDK and great positioning by Z.


What a beautiful play here by Zetterberg, and maybe even better positioning by Datsyuk. Dats had lots of room to move, and eventually scored but had the goal called off; it all started with this little tap pass by Zetterberg.


Kyle Quincy breaks his stick while tied up with Galchenyuk, and instead of taking his man, he just stays on his knees and takes a look around while Galcehnyuk is already up and around the net.


Ericsson floating in no man’s land on the goal in OT. Kronwall trips on Howard, can’t get position on Desharnais and the little man for Montreal pops one over Howard. Nothing 35 can do on that one.


  • The Habs were almost exclusively using the points on the powerplay and the Wings did well to get there quickly, but there was way too many people in front of Howard.
  • Good to see Jurco getting physical. 13 hits on the season coming into this game, 1 more than Abdelkader.
  • Huge game by Howard Habs had the majority of the shots in the third, and were right on pace with the Wings for the rest of the game.
  • Habs are always good late. I’m not too surprised to see this go to extra time; it’s just too bad that Quincey lost the battle in front.

I’m Osgood’s Bucket; keep your stick on the ice.


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