PICTURES: Game analysis (Penguins)

Solid 2-1 win by the Red Wings to start the pre-season off. Here’s my thoughts:



Andersson wasn’t really looking, and tried a cute backhand pass to the boards. It didn’t work, and it gave the Penguins D the puck and a pretty good scoring chance that Howard was able to stop.


I hope this becomes part of a regular breakout for the Wings. This is pretty, and quite creative. The D stretches the pass to Datsyuk, who is only the 2nd forward deep. The defence focus him while he dishes the puck over to Tatar who is at 90% speed flying down the wing, over taking the first defenceman. I like it.

Tatar Goal

The defence have to protect against Datsyuk, and with Helm at the net that leaves Tatar to sneak into place. Even if Tatar is covered, Kronwall is left wide open.

sutter goal

Sheahan correctly taking away his man in the middle of the ice, but Ericsson is too close to the crease, blocking Howard’s view. Kronwall is most likely in the way of that shot as well, albeit a bit farther away.

datsyuk goal

Datsyuk sauced the puck to Helm, who’s back was to the goalie, and Helm quickly spun and almost put it away. The puck bounced around and got to Datsyuk who had an open cage.



Hubba hubba.


Full extension by Howard here. Good to see. Seems like he’s feeling 100%.


I love how far out Mrazek is here with the shot coming from the point. Out a full foot from the crease.


  • Ouellet looked pretty good tonight. Way more creative than the defencemen we’re used to, but it also led to a few big giveaways.
  • Lots of net front presence in this game; this also makes me happy.
  • Campbell battles well in on the boards
  • Andersson had a giveaway in his own end in the first, a botched pass reception in his end in the second that both lead to scoring chances for the Penguins.
  • Sheahan is pretty much exhibiting what you what out of an NHL player. Great defensively, good eyes offensively. He doesn’t look out of place logging big minutes.
  • Tatar is already at full speed.
  • I’m enjoying the drop pass entry that the Wings are using for the power play. Makes the defencemen stand still on the blue line, which allows for the winger (usually Tatar) to fly by.
  • Marchenko has a bomb. Hope to see him on the power play more this pre-season


I’m Osgood’s Bucket. Keep your stick on the ice.


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