A Re-Imagining of Detroit’s Lines

With the announcement today that Babcock plans to try Helm on Datsyuk’s wing, everyone’s thoughts on the potential forward lines for the Red Wings just got thrown out the window. I think it’s safe to say that no one expected Helm to play with Datsyuk on one of the first two lines, but as a big Darren Helm mark, I am quite excited about this. But what does this mean for the Wings’ lines?

Babcock said that he would put Helm on “Datysuk’s” line, which leads me to believe that Zetterberg and Datsyuk will be split up. It also lends to the idea that Babcock likes pairs rather than full 3-person lines.


Nyquist – Zetterberg – Franzen

Helm – Datsyuk – Weiss

Tatar – Andersson – Sheahan

Miller – Abdelkader – Cleary


I think these are the only lines that make sense given the information we have.

I wouldn’t be opposed to Helm playing between Tatar and Sheahan either, or give Sheahan the defensive responsibilities of a centerman and let Helm fly along the wing. Either way, barring injury, these lines look pretty fantastic; and with players like Mantha, Jurco and Glendening all ready to play at the NHL level, the Wings should be pretty set as far as forwards go this year.

I’m Osgood’s Bucket, keep your stick on the ice.


2 thoughts on “A Re-Imagining of Detroit’s Lines

  1. Quite a revelation. Personally I think Helm C with tats on 3rd. But obviously Babcock knows something we all don’t. Definitely a different dynamic then I what I was thinking/hoping for. Hope it pays off.


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